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How you can donate and help OUR Church

No one ever used to think about how to give at church...because that's what you gave at church.

With our lives being so busy and fragmented these days and schedules pulling us in many different directions, it's easy to forget all about giving at church.  Some Sundays we can't make it there at all.

Even if we can't make it to church, one thing's for certain; we will be on our trusty phones.  Or if we're at home, on our laptops or tablets.  All of these devices provide the means to keep up on our giving.

Just look below and explore the different ways you can keep up on your giving even if you miss a Sunday due to traveling or illness.

ways you can donate:



Of course, tithes and offerings are gladly accepted in-person at any service.


Click here to quickly, easily, and securely donate right through the website.

By mail

You may send a check by mail to

Chesterfield Community Church

P.O. Box 576 Chesterfield, VA 23832.



Although we're not quite there yet, you'll soon be able to send a simple text with your donation amount.

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