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As you might imagine, in any busy, growing church, there's going to be plenty going on and no matter what your age, your interests or your skill-set, there's a ministry with your name on it.

We love to see our people involved...whether with The Lord, with one another or with the community.

There's always something to be involved in or attend.

Kid's Ministry

We've got an active kid's ministry, Sunday School classes and Awanas.  We firmly believe what the Bible says about "Bring up a child in the way that he should go and when he is older, he shall not depart from it."

Words of wisdom, right there...

There's a new Wednesday night program starting.  You can register your child below...

Women's Ministry

The ladies of the church are busy with all types of ministries.  There are Bible studies and social ministries, children's groups like Vacation Bible School,  visitation, and many others.

If you want to get "plugged in", there's a place for you.

Music Ministry

We have a wonderful Praise Team with dedicated members and some really good voices.  

We sing contemporary praise and worship music as well as the old standard hymns.

We're currently looking for musicians so that we can have live music every Sunday up for that?

Marriage Preparation

So, you're ready to get your feet wet? Take the plunge?

Ok...enough with the clever copy.

If you've found the person you long to spend the rest of your life with, we couldn't be more happy for you.

We're a great place to have your wedding and our pastor can help you navigate through the tough questions and help you prepare to take your vows.

Volunteer Groups

From time to time throughout the year, the church sends out volunteer groups, usually consisting of our older youth to help in our community.

Building a wheelchair ramp, painting a house, doing yard work or anything else that needs doing gives the youth a feeling of accomplishment and the community a real sense of Jesus' love seen through action.

Pastoral Support

Like the song says, "Lean on Me".  Everybody needs the help and mentoring of a friend, family member or pastor once in a while.

We have two wonderful pastors who are happy, willing and able to help guide you over the rough spots by referring to God's word and providing scriptural references and direction when you just can't find the way on your own

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